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Mark of the Mississippians

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Here is an innovative way to learn about the history of ancient North American and the people who inhabited what is now the United States thousands of years ago. It begins with with an introduction to the four earliest Pre-Columbian periods. Chapters that follow explore the origins of the people known as the Mississippians, their identifying characteristics and symbolism, as well as the trace manifestations of Mississippian culture that can be found to varying degrees in the beliefs, rituals and art of many of today’s Native American tribes.

Artifact galleries and animated videos bring the people and sites to life, portraying these early civilizations in their rightful place, as integral to U.S. history as the arrival of Columbus and the European explorers. Timelines put history in perspective with a swipe.

Over 225 pages and 100 streaming videos illuminate the four primary ceremonial centers Cahokia in Illinois, Moundville in Alabama, Etowah in Georgia and Spiro in Oklahoma. Fifteen noted archaeologists and leading experts provide new insights into the ancient people and what has been learned about the Mississippian way of life from excavations, old and new.

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If you’re lucky enough to visit one of these historical sites, you’ll want an audio-visual tour. We have apps designed to help visitors orient themselves within each site, relate different mounds to one another, and experience ancient stories through visuals and soundtrack design. Video stops illustrate what the mounds may have looked like 1,000 years ago, what was learned through archaeological excavations or important artifacts that were found. Can’t make the trip? Download an app anyway. You'll find it’s a great way to get a feel for these amazing places!

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Project Arch-ae-o

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Transport your students into Pre-Columbian America with six engaging investigations of the Cahokia Mounds Historic Site. Supported with interactive modules, streaming video, historical photos and Mississippian artifacts from Cahokia Mounds and museums around the country, this multimedia resource provides you with valuable content often missing in classrooms.